Products and Services We Provide
Cliché Limited manufactures metal components, press tools, and grading/packaging
While some products are repeatedly produced for general use, some are specifically produced for
particular applications, per the customers specifications.  
This explains why the company employs both batch and tool shop methods of production in ensuring
timely product delivery.
Some of the standardized products for general use include produce seals, strapping seals, coding
tools, seal pliers, forestry hammers, metal components/accessories, uniform accessories, and press
tools and dies.

Produce Seals
This is made from flat metal sheet (tin plate or mild steel), with thickness ranging from 0.15mm to 0.28mm.
Such Seals are used for securing produce jute bags after inspection by produce officers. This process
must be completed for a consignment to pass official inspection exercise.

Forestry Hammers  
Property and pass hammers are used for the grading or marking of logs, as well as regulation of harvest of
logs from government forest reserves.

Coding Tools and Seal Pliers
Coding tools are used for applying pre-designed codes on seals; while seal press/ pliers are used to close
(fold) circular seals after the code number has been impressed on them. Once closed the seals cannot be
opened except by total destruction.

Packaging Seals
Packaging seals are used in holding firm and in proper position, two ends of strapping wire (Metal or ETP).
They come in different dimensions, depending on the use they are being put to. The sizes range from
6mm to 22mm; and the material thickness vary from 0.20mm to.70mm.
The materials used are mild steel, galvanized steel, and alu-zinc.

Metal Components/Accessories
The versatility inherent in precision stamping allows for design and production of various products to
customers’ specifications. However, the product samples must come in shapes and sizes that can fit
within the work-tables of the power press and forming machines.

It then follows that a wide range of metal components and accessories, including those used as first
stage material by other manufacturing companies; which can be formed from flat sheets and metal
wires of acceptable thickness and diameters can be produced by the company.

Products under this group include: can components, mosquito coil stands; felt washers; bucket
handles; dress hangers; bed hinges; electrical socket boxes; shoe, belt, and bag accessories; rivets;
vehicle parts; cable clips; among others.

Tools and Dies Production
The company can also design and manufacture press tools and dies, in line with customers'
specifications and applications.

Uniform Accessories
With it's metal stamping and finishing facilities the company is well equipped to undertake production
of uniform accoutrement (metal) for both military and para-military forces. The accessories include
buttons; cap badges; letter tablets; badges of rank; pips; shoulder bars; etc.  

Produce Grading Tools and
-  Metal Seals
-  Crown Stamps
-  Coding Tools
-  Seal Pliers
-  Scoops
-  Moisture Meters

Forestry Hammers
-  Pass Hammers
-  Timber Marks

Strapping Seals

Uniform Accoutrements
- Buttons and Badges
of Ranks for Military
and Para-Military  Forces

Metal Accessories
- Car Accessories
- Phone Accessories
Electrical parts
- Accessories for Shoes,
Bags, Belts, etc

Press Tools and Dies

Card Industry Services
- Consumables
-  Machinery
-  Placement
-  Brockering
                                      Cliche  Limited