Card Industry Services

Cliche, in concert with notable card machinery and consumables manufacturers, provides solutions to
numerous card manufacturers for both plastic and paper cards production. This service is provided
through the Outsourcing Department of the company.

Presently, Cliché Limited represents the following companies in sub-saharan African:

  •        Oasys Technologies Limited of United Kingdom – For Lamination, Collation, Punching, and
    GSM SIM Die-Cutting machines;

  •        GSight Technology Co. Limited of China – For Scratch-off labels/foils, and other consumables;
  •        CardPATH Ltd of United Kingdom  -  Professional Business Brockers dedicated to the Card
    Industry worldwide.

Our ability to keep and maintain adequate level of local stock of labels, hotfoils, make-up solvent, flash
wash, and other consumables  is worthy of note. With the support of our overseas technical partners we
possess the capacity to hold adequate inventory at all times.
This translates to minimal stock-out possibility, which in turn ensures our ability to meet your requirement
at all times.